We’re All Poor

EQUIP Plan Resource

EQUIP Plan Resource

People from all worldviews and religions have tried to alleviate poverty. The desire to improve the quality of life for the impoverished is not necessarily gospel-centered, which causes us to pause and ask: What are my motives for seeking to empower vulnerable communities to flourish?

We believe that recognizing how the Fall affects all of creation creates the right foundation for engaging with the materially poor. It helps us to hold up the mirror and see ourselves for our own poverty. We have more in common with the materially destitute than we might realize. It also helps protect us from exacerbating the brokenness that is within us and within the people we serve.

As you read this article from The Chalmers Center, consider what impressions of poverty you have that might need to change.

We’re All Poor – The Chalmers Center

Reflection Questions:

  1. What needs to change in your own understanding of poverty?
  2. What are some practical changes you need to make in order to communicate the message “I’m not okay; and you’re not okay; but Jesus can fix us both”?

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