5 Reasons You Should Still Give Generously this Year 

Sara Beth Fentress

Sara Beth Fentress

Your favorite nonprofits need you right now.

My fellow nonprofit Executive Director friends are checking on each other these days. 2021 provided an unprecedented year of giving for many organizations. Then 2022 came in like a wrecking ball with increased interest rates, inflation, stock market volatility, and the great resignation. Isn’t this a perfect recipe for tighter wallets? Add to that the fact that as more people left home and returned to dining out and traveling this year, many households had less left over for generosity. Here are five reasons why I believe you should still give generously to your favorite nonprofits this year. 

  1. Generosity boosts your health.

Several people who are smarter than me have studied the physical health benefits of giving. Generosity produces a chemical response in your brain that releases serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. These three chemicals release hormones into your body to regulate mood, increase pleasure, and create a sense of connection with others. Similar to a “runner’s high” there is evidence of a “giver’s high.” Live long and prosper by giving generously this year-end — it’s scientific.  


  1. Through Generosity, you can participate in a bigger story.

Generously investing into the mission and vision of organizations you trust allows you to participate in a bigger story than you ever could on your own. By working together, individuals can increase their impact. Christian nonprofits are tackling some huge obstacles to human flourishing. For Christians, we know that God is writing a story of redemption and restoration. His plan is to allow us to play a role in his grand story. We have an amazing opportunity to make a significant difference. 

  1. Maximize your tax advantages.

This one is super practical, but definitely worth mentioning. 

While there is much debate on the topic, donations to charitable organizations are still tax deductible for 2022. While this motivation might  not be mission critical for your generosity, let it be the cherry on top. Give money to organizations you trust before Uncle Sam takes his cut. 

  1. An opportunity to model philanthropy to the next generation.

Little eyes are watching you. Whether you have children, nieces, 

nephews, mentees, church contacts, or family friends — young people are looking for role models. Model joyful generosity as you pass down the teaching of Jesus that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

  1. Support and encourage your favorite organizations to keep working faithfully. 

 As economic uncertainty and volatility continue into the new year, the needs of the beneficiaries of many organizations are on the rise, too. As the demand for services rises, let your trusted organizations know that you are prepared to weather the storm together. Encourage them that they are not alone and that you will stand with them in the trenches through the hard times. One powerful way you can do this is by giving generously!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but offers valid considerations. Whatever your motivation, take some time to examine how your family can be wise, encouraging, and impactful with your year end generosity this year.

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