The grant approval process ensures that funded projects align with 127's mission, vision, and key distinctives.


At 127 we believe that true human flourishing can be attained only through the gospel. The gospel message propels us to care for vulnerable communities today and to proclaim that God has secured eternal flourishing for them eternally. The centrality of the gospel in a grant request is our highest priority when approving funding.

Healthy Engagement

There are no quick fixes to poverty, family-fracturing, and other evidences of the world's brokenness. Because there is no silver bullet in ministry, our work with each 127 partner is unique and specialized to the vulnerable communities they serve. We support projects that encourage human agency, respect all people as image-bearers and contributors, and provide the disadvantaged with the tools and resources to flourish.

Education and Discipleship

127 values education and discipleship as critical to empowering vulnerable communities to flourish. We prioritize projects that use Bible teaching and skills training to equip vulnerable communities to use their God-given capacity for the good of the community.

Mutually-Edifying Relationships

God has gifted members of his church all around the world to fulfill his mission. We partner on projects that are collaborative and that capitalize on the strengths of local leaders whom God is using to care for the vulnerable among them.