Our Vision

Vulnerable communities are empowered through the unified engagement of the global church.

Our Mission

To connect and equip the global body of Christ to restore hope to orphans, widows, and vulnerable communities.

Our Values


We do all of our work as unto the Lord. As such, we want to do good work that we can be proud of. We use measurables in evaluating our work objectively to ensure we are giving our best.


We should be above reproach. As an organization, we seek to be transparent and accountable and this carries over to individual employees. We take active measures to live and work in the light.


The work we do is not just a job. For those we serve, the work we do has enormous, sometimes eternal, ramifications. We see our work as a vocation and a mission and behave accordingly.


We desire to foster creative thinking that leads to practical solutions. Experimentation secured by objective goal-setting and success measurement is encouraged.


We always put the mission of 127 first and strive to work as a team toward the same goal. We value each other’s contribution and feedback therefore we actively seek out both giving and receiving them.

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