One of our core values at 127 Worldwide is collaboration. We don’t come into a new partnership with a cookie-cutter model of how to best do orphan care. We work with respected, driven, and visionary leaders who were already taking care of vulnerable people in their communities before their paths crossed with 127 Worldwide. Indigenous leaders know the culture, the languages, and the best ways to enhance the work that is happening in their communities. This relationship with the local leader is foundational to who we are at 127 Worldwide. God has brought us some incredible people to walk alongside in this journey.

Swahiba Networks | Peter Abungu

Nairobi, Kenya

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Peter leads Swahiba Networks. Swahiba is the Swahili word for “close friend.” Swahiba Networks (SN) is involved in many projects in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya. Kibera is one of the world’s largest slums with an estimated population of 1.3 million people. Swahiba serves young people in the slums by meeting physical and spiritual needs through a variety of gospel-centered programs. One powerful initiative is the Mentorship and Empowerment Program (MEP). MEP provides young women who have graduated high school with relational and technical skills to help enhance their future. 127’s partnership with Swahiba heavily focuses on the MEP program.

Tumaini Miles of Smiles | Rose Bugusu

Malava, Kenya

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Tumaini Miles of Smiles is a children’s home and school led by Rose in rural western Kenya. Tumaini is the Swahili word for “hope.” This is a fitting description for a place that provides care and protection to the community’s most vulnerable -- orphans, widows and abandoned babies. Furthermore, the primary school at Tumaini offers excellent education. Rose is proud to say that of the 163 students who have finished eighth grade at Tumaini, 100% went on to high school.

Acres of Hope Uganda | Odongo Geoffrey 

Nebbi, Uganda

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Geoffrey grew up as an orphan in war-torn northern Uganda and today he extends compassion and care to orphans at The Acres of Hope children’s home and school in Nebbi. AOH’s large plot of land has allowed expansion of pod houses, school buildings and agricultural projects. A river that borders the property supplies fresh water year round for the agricultural initiatives. AOH Aquaponics is developing into a successful, sustainable initiative with four ponds that contain several thousand tilapia and catfish. The partnership formed between Acres of Hope and 127 Worldwide has been one of financial support, advisement and advocacy.

Iglesia Cristiana El Camino | David Lara

Escuintla, Guatemala



David is the pastor of Iglesia Cristiana El Camino in Escuintla, Guatemala. He is supported by his wife MJ as he shepherds the flock through teaching & preaching the word and overseeing various ministry programs. Since 2011, David and other leaders from El Camino church have ministered in the nearby village of San Vicente. David sensed God’s leadership to plant a church in the heart of the village. He began with a few families, and the church has grown steadily in the last few years. They currently join together weekly for prayer, praise, teaching, and fellowship.