Our ministry is two-fold. We serve:

1) Our PARTNERS and 2) our ADVOCATES. Everything we do is ultimately aimed at supporting the work of caring for orphans, widows, and vulnerable communities where our local leaders are already working.

We believe that locals have the best insight and expertise in caring for their communities with the love and hope of Christ. 127’s role is to join what God is already doing in these communities and look for ways to accomplish more for the kingdom through joint efforts.

We want western Christians, our ADVOCATES, to be exposed to the amazing work God is doing through his people in vulnerable communities around the world and to see how God has gifted them to enhance that work.

God gifts his global body in unique and complementary ways and we exist to help believers across the globe work together to live out James 1:27.

Our process is simple. We Connect. We Equip. We Empower.