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I love helping people, and I hate asking people to help me.  Do you know what has been the hardest lesson that I have learned so far in this non-profit start up adventure?  I realize that I can help MORE people and help people BETTER if I will learn how to ask for help, myself.  God is opening doors for amazing ministry for 127, and so here I am – biting the bullet – and asking for help.

I am looking for 127 families, individuals, or churches who would join the 127 Worldwide Team and support us on a monthly basis. Currently, I am about 30% of the way to this goal.  I am asking you to pray about filling one of these 127 slots.  Now, some people automatically think, “We can’t spare $100 a month, so we won’t even bother.”  I am asking you…..what CAN you spare?  If you and I went to Starbucks and I forgot my wallet, I dare say anyone reading this message would buy me a cup of coffee.  Granted, if I pulled this little stunt every month, you might eventually catch on.

So, pray about it…..maybe it is a dollar a week, a dollar a day, five dollars a day, ten dollars a day, one hundred dollars a day.  :)  The thing is, the amount is between you and God……I really have NOTHING to do with it.  There is so much freedom in that!  I have 2 requests.  1.  Please click on the link below to use our secure partner to set up your monthly donation.  2.  If at all possible, can you set up your checking account instead of a debit or credit card?  This is a strong preference, but it is alright if you are unable to do this.  The minimum donation is $5.  God is stretching me through this process, and I am excited to see what He is going to do!


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